Youth For Business

Youth For Business aims to be a catalyst in connecting, empowering, and bringing together a coalition of like-minded individuals interested in business to provide everyone equal access to business literacy. We provide opportunities to expand knowledge and gain exposure to the business world within all sectors of the industry through enacting social impact in and around our community.

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Why Business

In the real world, something that holds major significance and controls the ins and outs of society is business. Our community runs on big and small enterprises and corporations that sustain our economy, foster profits, establish relationships, fulfill dreams, and provide us the services we endear very much.

Our Foundations

With the immense impact that the business realm has on the world, it is imperative for those who desire to go down this path to be educated and encouraged for success at a young age. In order to empower such youth and channel their passion for business, we have established an organization that partners with schools internationally to accomplish just that: Youth for Business. 

As a member, you gain:


Exposure to all aspects of business—finance, marketing, economics, entrepreneurship, and business interdisciplinary studies


Leadership experience and community service hours through teaching underprivileged students business literacy and bridging the inequality gap

Access to Events

Access to workshops and webinars featuring outstanding professionals


Relationships with other like-minded high school students. Connections and networking opportunities with leading business professionals

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